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Wood Candle Holding Tray | Paw Shape

Wood Candle Holding Tray | Paw Shape

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Cute paw tray designed to hold the decorative candles.

Diameter: 10cm, recommended to use with candles with a diameter of less than 5cm.


· Never burn the candle more than 2 hours or leave it unattended, regularly check the status of candle and clean the wax liquid left in the tray after burning the candle to prevent the wax liquid from overflowing.


· Shipping: Accessories will be shipped within 3 days after purchasing. However, our candles are made to order, if you have candle purchased along with the accessories, order will be shipped within 7 days after purchasing.·

·Return/Exchange Policy: For accessories, only unused item would be eligible for return or exchange. Return or exchange would not be available for candles.


Wholesale quantities and prices are available on request. Please direct message if interested.

All of our candles are handmade so please book with us at least two weeks in advance. Thank you!

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